Abstract Submissions

Abstracts are invited for the workshops, and you may wish to design your paper as a straightforward presentation, or if your topic/project lends itself more to an interactive workshop, you need to make this very clear on your abstract submission. You may also wish to submit a poster on the same topic, and can use the same submission process.

There are three types of session:

  • Poster presentation
  • Formal presentation – 30 minute session
  • Workshop – may be 30 minutes or 1 hour

The submission process is the same, however the content of the submission needs to reflect the type of presentation you are interested in.

Please submit your presentation via email and ensure you clearly indicate the theme you are submitting under and whether it is a poster or paper presentation.  It is useful to draft your abstract, looking carefully at the word limit of 300 words; checking grammar, spelling and structure.

By making a submission of your abstract, you will need to ensure that you confirm that you or your co-author will be attending to present at the event.

Please click here to email your paper submission.

For further information contact:
Karen Stewart on 020 7324 4330 or email karen.stewart@neilstewartassociates.co.uk