Innovation for Greater Local Integration | London 2015

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Community Nursing and Family Health
Conference Bags kindly Sponsored by Forte Medical

Conference Bags Kindly Sponsored by Forte Medical

“Today's landmark agreement between NHS England, the local NHS and local government leaders charts a path to the greatest integration and devolution of care funding since the creation of the NHS in 1948. While continuing to deliver on national care standards and the patient rights set out in the NHS Constitution, Greater Manchester now has a unique opportunity for innovation and improvement in health and wellbeing. The eyes of the country will now be on what this new partnership can deliver, and today the work begins.

Simon Stevens, CEO, NHS England - 27th February

Manchester authorities and health commissioning groups are to take the first steps in a new wave of full budget devolution and integrating health and social care - which is now the direction of travel of all the major parties.

A series of free to attend best practice workshops, identifying innovative practice, organisations, clinical innovation, use of staff and new technologies to offer solutions to the key challenges facing nursing and community health professionals today.

An opportunity for health visitors, school nurses, district nurses, community nursery nurses and all other community health professionals to enhance their continuing professional development and find out the latest innovations, products and research through a series of presentations and an exhibition.